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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What is an unsteady drizzle?

The phrase of the morning has been "steady drizzle", with every 15 seconds someone updating someone on the phone, "yaar, steady drizzle!" Now, I find this usage rather curious. The existence of a steady drizzle indicates that there is something called an unsteady drizzle. What is that? Does the water wobble in the air as if falls? Do 94 drops fall at a go, and then 73 more after a brief gap?

Well, whatever it may be, it's no longer drizzling, and groundsmen are now on the field fiddling around on the covers. If no more rain falls, play might start in a couple of hours. It had stopped like this in the morning for a while, but had resumed steadily.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of pieces to file before that. Sigh.
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