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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Batting face to face

Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly stand face to face in the nets at Mohali. Then they bend and assume their stance. They're batting in adjoining nets; Sachin is a right-hand bat, Sourav is a left-hand bat, and so they're actually facing each other in their stance before looking down the pitch towards the bowler. (They could also have been back-to-back, extending their buttocks towards each other simultaneously. But let's not go there.)

The thought strikes me: do they ever talk? Could they hypothetically sledge each other in the nets. Imagine this:
Sourav: How's your elbow, Sachin? If you're not feeling well, Yuvi's there?
Sachin: At least he won't bat like Nagma, like you do.
Sourav: (Miffed) Wait till we have to run between wickets together.
Sachin: I suggest you look at the bowler. See, short ball.
(Sourav falls on the pitch, knocked out. Inzi walks by.)
Sachin: (To Inzi) I think he'll be late for the toss, Inzi.

Hmm. Maybe not.
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