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Friday, March 11, 2005

The reasons journalists have

Yesterday when Sachin Tendulkar was out for 94, the relief in the press box was palpable. Most of the journalists smiled. Strange, you'd think, because almost all of them were Indian. So why were they happy?

Well, if Tendulkar had got his century, it would have been a world-record 35th, and every newspaper and TV channel would have had to do a special story on him. Lots of research would be required, quotes would have to be hunted. Everyone was dreading the effort they'd have to make. (Not me; I'd have just an extra 100 words to add to my Guardian report.) But Tendulkar postponed their misery for later.

And today, a select group of journalists is hoping that the Test lasts till tomorrow. These are the men who write for the English Sunday newspapers. All of us writing for the English papers get paid per report; if the match ends today, there's no play tomorrow, and the Sunday papers will not want a report. No report, no money.

Dileep is writing for the Sunday Times, while Osman is writing for the Observer. As for me, I write for the daily newspaper, the Guardian, which does not come out on Sundays. (The Observer is their Sunday paper, and they generally don't like to use the Guardian reporter.) So Osman and Dileep are getting rather distraught at the fall of each wicket, while I have nothing to lose, and a day of hanging around in Sector 17 and the lake to gain. C'mon Indians, bowl them out!
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