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Saturday, March 12, 2005

The 450th time

This first appeared on Cricinfo's Plays of the Day.

Pakistan had pretty much saved the game, but Anil Kumble kept running in hard. Mohammad Sami thought he'd have a go at this tired man, took a step-and-a-half down the pitch, and drove him powerfully through mid-off. Er, it should have gone through mid-off, but a hand appeared in the frame and caught the ball, and Kumble's body followed to the ground, his mouth opening in astonishment as the ball settled in his hand. Then he sat cross-legged and started laughing, his shoulders wiggling gently. This was his 314th ball of the innings; far more importantly, it was the 450th wicket of a great, under-appreciated career. All the players gathered around this man they loved and admired, and waited for the action replay on the big screen.
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